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Getting Married During a Pandemic

Marriage at Tamborine Gardens

In Queensland, thousands of couples had to cancel or postpone their weddings as COVID-19 restrictions across the country put a stop to them. But despite the pandemic, plenty of couples are getting creative so that they can marry during the social distancing era. In fact, more than a thousand have tied the knot with just less than ten guests.

While no one knows for certain what the future holds, it’s safe to say at this point that weddings will be drastically different until a vaccine is available. Here’s a prediction of what a wedding will look like during COVID-19.

A socially distant wedding

Traditional wedding celebrations will look very different at this time of the pandemic. Ceremony and reception should follow the social distancing measures that the state and our local government put in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

These measures include a limited guest count and specific regulations, such as no congregating and special seating. Frequent environmental cleaning and disinfection should be done as well.

If you are one of the thousands of people who had to pause their wedding plans, below are the newfound wedding trends that follow socially distant wedding guidelines.

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socially dsitancing during wedding

Fewer guests, more intimacy

The dream of having all your friends and family join you and your spouse-to-be in a celebration just doesn't seem safe right now. From the 5-guest limit, the government expanded it now to 20 people, but social distancing measures are still in place. You can have an intimate wedding with fewer guests. It will allow you to spend more quality time with each one of your guests.

Besides, a smaller wedding can cost less, depending on the choices you make. Most event venues charge a certain amount per guest, and thus a shorter guest list may add up to a smaller wedding budget.

Following Safety Precautions

Setting a safety precaution is a new form of hospitality. This will ensure the couples and guests feel comfortable and safe. Come up with unique ways to distribute hand-sanitising solutions to guests, which can include personalised bottles, gloves, and face masks in welcome bags. You may consider choosing colours or patterns that coordinate with the overall wedding day motif.

If you have a sick guest, ask them not to attend the wedding. It is also an excellent plan to ask your suppliers for a backup in case they are ill and unable to attend. Conceding that the average person gets more than a few colds per year, there's a possibility that someone at your wedding will be sick so best to have back up plans in place.

It's best to let your guess be informed about these safety precautions by mentioning it on your wedding invitations.

Outdoor Venues

Couples who are getting married during the pandemic are encouraged to choose a venue where they can stage a socially distant, yet creative, ceremony, and reception for the guests. They should consider incorporating open-air or outdoor elements to their celebrations to eliminate guests feeling confined. Guests can spread out, and they can easily follow social distancing as they choose.

Wedding planners advise choosing beach and garden weddings instead of indoor locations. Tamborine Gardens Wedding And Function Resort is one of the best wedding venues on the Gold Coast. It is home to magical gardens, comfortable cottage accommodation, stunning reception centres, and friendly staff to help the couple create their special wedding day.

outdoor wedding venue

Seating Arrangements

According to social distancing guidelines, tables are required to be set at least six-feet apart, and event planners should consider reducing the number of seated guests per table and adding space in the reception. It's also recommended to offer socially-distanced standing room.

Food and Drinks Service

Great food and drinks will always be relevant to wedding receptions, but how the food and drinks are prepared and served will be different. The health and safety of guests are of utmost importance, that's why wedding planners and caterers must follow stringent safety precautions. They might change the catering style and opt for alternate reception drop menus instead of shared platters and buffets.

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Virtual Streaming

We’re seeing a lot of these on social media! If you have guests that don't feel comfortable attending your wedding but still want to be a part of your celebration, consider doing live streaming! This is also beneficial for friends and loved ones who are far away and can't attend the wedding because of travel ban restrictions. Experts see the rise of virtual wedding streaming to increase in the next year.

virtual wedding guests

Multiple celebrations

Another trend that will develop in the socially distant wedding era is multiple wedding celebrations. Guests can utilise the events they already had planned for their wedding weekend to host multiple celebrations — inviting different groupings of their guests to each event. This concept, similar to a shifted wedding, allows couples with a guest list on the larger side to celebrate with every one of their guests throughout multiple separate festivities.

Avoid Canceling the Wedding

A wedding is a cherished moment in every couple's lives. And planning it is hard work not only for the couple but for the vendors as well!

If you and your partner were planning to get married prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, you can still come up with a solution to make things work and have a wedding that’s unique, memorable, and safe for all.

Consult with your wedding team, family, and friends for a better time to reschedule the wedding when everyone will be safer. Also, keep open communication with your vendors about your plans to know how your wedding details will be affected and what adjustments can be done.

Do not lose your hope. You can still have a decent wedding despite this global pandemic.

Tamborine Garden wedding

Weddings at Tamborine Gardens

Getting married during a pandemic, although different than what we are used to, is still quite manageable if you know how to be creative while following the social distancing guidelines.

A roadmap to easing Queensland's restrictions says that starting July 10, any person from New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory, and the Northern Territory may enter Queensland subject to completing and signing a border declaration.

This should give you more opportunities to adjust your plans and have a celebration closest to your dream wedding. It will also allow you to find a venue that can best accommodate a wedding while social distancing, just like the Tamborine Gardens.

Located in Tamborine Mountain, Tamborine Gardens is a hinterland wedding venue that can help create your special day while strictly following the guidelines of the National and State Government.

Contact Tamborine Gardens at 07 5545 2544 or enquire online and let’s discuss how to make your dream wedding come true during this pandemic.


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