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How to Plan the Best Garden Wedding on the Gold Coast

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The Gold Coast's hinterland has been witnessing hundreds of lovely couples say their ‘I do’s’. A garden wedding makes all nuptials extra special with its romantic atmosphere and charming outdoor scenery. And with a beautiful location like Tamborine Gardens, your wedding day will be nothing short of magnificent.

If you are planning to tie the knot soon, these tips will help you plan the best garden wedding on the Gold Coast.

Choose wedding vendors wisely

As with any wedding, the first key to success is finding reliable wedding vendors. These include a transport service business, accommodations provider, photographers, videographers, wedding celebrants, florists, and DJs. If possible, choose vendors who specialise in garden weddings.

Take time speaking to each of them. Discuss your wedding vision and pick only those that can cater to your needs. This will bring you as close as possible to the wedding of your dreams.

Most venue providers on the Gold Coast will give you a list of their affiliated wedding vendors to make your shopping easier. For weddings at Tamborine Gardens, you can find the list of providers here.

Consider the weather

During a garden wedding, you and your guests will be able to enjoy the best of nature, but may also experience the worst of it. Depending on the season, there’s a possibility of having bad weather on your wedding day as much as it is having sunshine and clear skies. So, make sure that you are prepared for rain by having tents at the ready.

If the day turns out to be a hot one, then large fans and cold water bottles will help keep everyone cool at their seats. And should the weather become chilly, handing out blankets and turning gas heaters on are your priorities.

To plan the best garden wedding on the Gold Coast you need to include all these precautions so you will not be caught off-guard come your wedding day.

Watch out for uninvited guests

Garden wedding venues are full of lush greenery and a variety of beautiful flowers that your family and friends will surely find “Instagrammable”. However, these picturesque gardens can also attract some unwanted guests; bugs. bees, wasps, ants, and even mosquitoes may show up anytime and cause discomfort to people.

Before they spoil the intimate ceremony and fun party activities, do some precautionary measures by purchasing citronella candles and arranging pre-event sprays. It would also be advisable to prepare an emergency kit, just to be sure.

Prepare good acoustics

Another thing to consider when planning your garden wedding on the Gold Coast is the acoustics. Since gardens have open spaces, you need to ensure that everybody will hear the ceremony and wedding music at the reception.

So, make sure that there will be enough microphones, speakers, and amps placed around the venue. Discuss the arrangements and availability of the equipment beforehand with the site manager. On your wedding day, your band or DJ should perform sound checks to ensure that the level is adequate.

Find the perfect garden spot

The hinterland wedding venues on the Gold Coast such as Tamborine Gardens have differently-themed and beautiful gardens that hardly require more decorations. All you and partner need to do is find a garden area with a wonderful backdrop like a gazebo, flower wall, or an arch and your ceremony will be perfect. It’s also preferable if this garden spot is well-shaded for your guests, especially if your wedding day falls in the summer.


Outdoor Cocktails

As a filler between the ceremony and reception, you may want to consider having cocktails for your guests. This hour will be a good chance for everyone to mingle while queuing over your food and drinks stations. Set up some outdoor chairs and tables where guests can relax while listening to your favourite love songs.

Lastly, you can take advantage of the spacious garden venue by preparing a couple of fun lawn games like croquet, boule, lawn bowls, ring toss, and finska for everyone to enjoy.

Put some lights up

Should your reception go well into the night, the garden should be ready with adorable lighting setup. Your venue provider can probably prepare this for you, but you would also want it more personalised. Put up some fairy lights to make it look like the guests are eating under the stars.  Also, consider placing stylish candles on the tables for an added cosy and romantic feel in the ambience.

Garden Weddings at Tamborine Gardens

These tips will help you plan the best garden wedding on the Gold Coast hinterland. Moreover, booking your celebrations at Tamborine Gardens Wedding and Function Resort will make your special day even more memorable. Our amazing location offers many magical gardens, plus stunning views of gorgeous wineries and the Witches Falls National Park.

Tamborine Gardens also offer a range of wedding packages that includes a professional wedding coordinator who will assist you with your planning.

Call us today at (07) 5545 2544 or make an online enquiry to know more about Tamborine Gardens’ wedding services. We would love to know about your wedding plans and find out how we can help make your dream garden wedding come true.


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Love Notes From Our Couples

Thank you Tamborine Gardens for making our son and daughter in laws wedding such a magical day. From the amazing staff that went out of their way to make sure everything went so smoothly, to the beautiful chapel and grounds and the stunning starlight room. We will be highly recommending your venue to others

Wendy Tindall

I have never been more impressed by customer service then on our wedding day with the team at tamborine mountains garden resort. The food was incredible (all my guests complimented the food) and the whole process was seamless and so easy. Love them!


I just had my wedding here and I can not recommend it enough. The team were so fantastic, flexible with whatever we needed, the grounds are stunning, there's accommodation right here, and the price was incredible - and they included so much! Just perfect.

Britney Johnson

Hayley and Beck were great! Excellent customer service! Very friendly staff. Venue, food and drinks were amazing. We attended our friends daughter's wedding. Highly recommended.Our cottage was very beautiful and spacious with lovely view, they let us check in early!!

Uma Nath

Absolutely fantastic. It was such an amazing day. From the beginning of the planning process to the day all the staff were wonderful and made our day the absolute best it could be. We are so grateful to everyone for giving us the perfect day.

Danielle Ferreira