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How to Stream your Wedding Seamlessly: A Guide

Stream your wedding during Covid-19

Small weddings and elopements are not rare in the wedding industry. For many years, couples have held intimate wedding celebrations with only important people in their lives in attendance. Right now, this way of getting married has become the new normal. 

So, if you’re marrying soon and are keen to have your friends and relatives witness your wedding, there is a way and that’s by streaming your wedding online. Here are several tips on how you can host a wedding virtually for the benefit of your loved ones.

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Select a Suitable Platform

Numerous platforms are now available for hosting weddings freely and conveniently. But you need to consider the platform's user-friendliness for you and your guests.

Facebook Live or Facebook private groups are the most common platforms in streaming your wedding. Creating a private group is one of the easiest ways for everyone to be updated with the details of your virtual wedding and how it will work.

Video conferencing via Zoom or Google Meet is also another option. The only person who needs a Zoom account is the one who will set the video streaming link. You’ll only need to share this link with your friends and they can access the virtual event even without a Zoom or Google Meet account. Both these platforms will enable the host and the guests to see each other on the day of the virtual wedding through a grid view.

Other platforms that you can use include Discord, Skype, or Google Hangouts. Whichever platform you choose, make sure to choose the one that’s ideal and more convenient for you and your guests.

Send Out Invitations

After choosing your preferred platform, you need to send out invitations to your guests. This could be a physical invite that you can work on using a stationery supplier, a virtual invite via email, or a Facebook event. Whatever you choose, ensure that you include important details like your platform, the date and time of your virtual wedding, the dress code, and how they can access the platform.

Customise your wedding invitation and provide your guests with fun and interesting information like where your actual ceremony will be held or whether you will be wearing something unique.

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Have Tech Support in Advance

You need to send out clear instructions on how to use your chosen platform to address in advance questions that might arise. Some details to include in your instructions are the need for their video or audio to be enabled, the creation of an account in advance, and how the platform works.

Inform your guests how the whole event is going to work on the day itself. Specify the timeframe for people to be able to join the virtual event before the start of the ceremony.

The last thing that you need during your wedding is your guests asking questions or sending messages on why they cannot hear anything during your event. Thus, you need to designate someone available to handle questions about technical matters during your virtual wedding efficiently. It could be someone from your watch party who will be ready to help or one of your witnesses will do. This will eventually reduce the hassle and stress of having to deal with your guests while your event is ongoing.

Check Your Tech Equipment

Once you have the technical stuff for your guests, you need to check and test your tech equipment a day before your virtual wedding. You would want to ensure that you have strong audio, high-quality video, and a strong internet connection to cover every detail of your event.

You also need to take into account how you are going to stream your wedding—whether through a laptop, phone, or camera setup. Whatever it is, ensure that all your technical equipment is tested in advance to reduce the hassle and stress on the day of your event. A test call or video is one way of polishing the flaws of your virtual wedding.

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Determine the Framing of Your Video

Ponder on how a guest typically watches a wedding for you to visualise the strategy of framing it on camera.

You need the camera to be close enough and at the right height so that the guests will be able to observe your facial expressions. Yet, you also want the camera to be a far away enough to provide a spectacular view of you, your fiancé, and your outfits.

Mute Your Guests During the Virtual Event

If you are utilising a two-way platform, you can opt to mute your guests during your wedding ceremony. Although they will be viewing the ceremony intently, background noises may suddenly pop out from nowhere. You can unmute the audio during the virtual wedding reception or celebration. This will help filter out, for instance, the sound of the washing machine or any appliance, the bark of a dog, or kids who are throwing tantrums.

Seek Advice from Your Marriage Celebrant

The marriage celebrant should be sought for advice, specifically if they have done a wedding like this before. Your celebrant is the most reliable resource, especially if your plan is for more guests to be involved virtually. If you originally planned to have readings during the ceremony, you still might be able to do this.

You can also get the guests involved by asking for words of inspiration and encouragement, and by participating in the ceremonial toasts. So, make sure to get some input from the wedding celebrant to make these plans run smoothly.

Hire a Professional Video Streamer

If you wish to stream your wedding but you have doubts on the operations, then seek professional help. Usually, wedding videographers can offer high-quality live stream for your guests and handle everything for you.

They can serve as one of your two witnesses for you to be able to have a professional stream and a professionally-made video after your virtual wedding. This can serve as memorabilia of your ceremony.

Stream your Weddings at Tamborine Gardens

Getting married during a pandemic, although different than what we are used to, is still quite manageable if you know how to be creative.

There’s no reason for your close friends and relatives to be left out of your wedding. With these tips on how to stream your wedding, all of them can still be part of your special day despite the ongoing pandemic. Just make sure to pick a wedding venue that supports virtual weddings, just like Tamborine Gardens Wedding and Function Resort.

Located at the beautiful Mt. Tamborine, we offer a hinterland wedding venue with magical gardens to make your nuptial more special. At Tamborine Gardens, you’ll have an amazing backdrop while saying your I do’s and streaming it to your loved ones online. We also make sure that the social distancing guidelines are followed at the venue to guarantee the safety of the physical attendees of your wedding.

Contact Tamborine Gardens at 07 5545 2544 or enquire online and let’s discuss how to make your dream wedding come true during this pandemic.

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