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Love on a Budget: How to Plan an Affordable Wedding

wedding planning on a budget

When planning for a wedding, most couples look for tips and strategies to keep the cost down and stay within their budget. And maybe even more so during this pandemic when businesses are down and jobs are scarce. Things have been quite difficult recently and some couples are even considering postponing their weddings.

If you're one of those couples know that you’re not alone. There are several grooms and brides-to-be who are also experiencing challenges at this time. There are creative approaches to how to cope up with it. Read on, and you’ll find some useful tips that will help you plan an affordable wedding.

Concentrate on what is essential to you

Prioritise what is significant to you to help you decide on what to put and not to put in your budget moving forward. It is recommended to select wedding details that have an impact on you and your partner during your journey as a couple. Focus on the must-haves first. Through this, if your planning gets a bit out of hand, you can review these must-haves and do away with the rest of the details.

Remember not to lose focus on what you want your wedding to be and you should not lose sight of your budget either.

Look for inspiration but do not use everything

Pinterest and Instagram can be regarded as potential tools for planning a wedding, yet these social media platforms may lead us into a false interpretation of the wedding norm. This is because you might check the latest trends in terms of celebrity weddings and end up spending beyond your wedding budget.

If you can find weddings online that you want to draw inspiration from, choose one or two elements to replicate only. Through this tactic, you will be able to establish your luxury vibe while maintaining cost-efficiency in your budget.

Check out our Wedding Gallery for more inspiration that won't cost you a fortune.

Prioritise your suppliers

Running through your list of significant wedding suppliers will help you in handling your budget throughout the entire wedding process. Do not splurge on certain aspects of your wedding where you have a fixed budget.

Make sure that you properly allot everything for the venue, catering, photographer-videographer team, musicians, souvenirs, invitations, and other wedding elements. Having a list of what you should consider is helpful and will allow you to focus more on the tasks at hand. We've gathered a few useful planning resources for you to make your task a little bit easier.

Pick a wedding schedule outside the peak season

One way to maintain your wedding budget is to select a wedding schedule that is not within the peak season. Choose a less expensive time of the year or day. Most on-the-day suppliers like the wedding car company, photographers, and the catering have varied prices for weekend and weekday weddings as well as weddings during the peak and non-peak times of the year.

For example, weekends are the most popular days to get married, while spring or summer are the most common seasons of the year for marriage as well. Thus in Australia, a wedding on a Saturday in October is most likely more popular than a Thursday in July.

Knowing what seasons and days of the year are most popular for weddings will aid you in keeping your costs lower while still being able to book the suppliers and the venue that you want.

Wedding on the cheap

Review your guest list

One of the costs that you need to consider when it comes to the planning of a wedding is your guest list. Ensure that you have your family and close friends around you because your wedding is a memorable event in your life.

However, inviting more people than your budget can accommodate for may add to more wedding worries. In terms of reviewing your guest list, begin with the plus ones. Typically, the average cost of a wedding per head is approximately $150. Also, reconsider those whom you have not seen for several years or those who will have unnecessary demands.

We know this is one of the hardest things to cut down on when it comes to your wedding planning, however it is vital to limit the number of guests as it will save you significant cost in the end. 

For your long-distance relatives or extended families who will not be able to join you during the day itself, you can live stream the ceremony and reception on Facebook or any online meeting platform like Zoom or Google Meet so that they can also witness your special day. Also read: How to stream you wedding semlessly

Postpone your wedding if needed

In case most of your guests and relatives cannot attend your wedding due to the pandemic, for instance, you can opt for postponement of your wedding to another date. Talk to your wedding planner or coordinator to help you decide.

If you are going to postpone your wedding and move it to a different date, be sure to act quickly so that you can reserve for a new date and inform your team and guests immediately about such details. For lesser stress and hassle, inform the venue and your other wedding suppliers three to five months before your wedding day if you are postponing it.

Formulate an alternative plan and have options in terms of date savilable. But, determine first if your chosen venue for the ceremony and reception can accommodate an adjustment of dates, then reach out to your other suppliers if they can do the same for you. Announce this along with the cancellation of your wedding to your potential guests once finalised with the venue and other suppliers.

Tamborine Garden Wedding

Wedding Venues at Tamborine Gardens

With these tips, you’ll be able to plan an affordable wedding despite the pandemic. You can make an informed decision and select what works well for you and your budget. 

Just bear in mind that you need to consider your health and safety as well as your guests during your nuptials. It’s important, therefore, to find a wedding venue that will support this.

One of the best wedding venues you can find in Queensland and near the Gold Coast is Tamborine Gardens. Situated in the beautiful Tamborine Mountain, we offer hinterland and garden wedding venues that will suit all types of budget.  We also offer the perfect accommodation for couples or wedding guests.

We also have many different wedding packages, desiged to meet every budet. Call Tamborine Gardens Wedding and Function Resort on (07) 5545 2544 or enquire online and let’s start planning your dream wedding.

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