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5 Reasons To Have A Garden Wedding
In The Gold Coast Hinterland

Beautiful garden wedding

Choosing a wedding venue on the Gold Coast or near Brisbane is one of the trickiest items on the list when planning a wedding. Depending on the couple’s wishes and priorities, several ideas may come to mind. Some people are partial to traditional church weddings and some prefer fun beach weddings. But there's something quite special about a pretty garden wedding.

Here are 5 reasons to try a garden wedding venue:

The Beauty Of Nature

You will never go wrong with the beauty of nature surrounding you on your most special day. Your family and guests will definitely enjoy that informal and relaxed vibe that nature brings. It is also good on your wedding budget since you only need minimal decorations as the landscape already provides that awe-inspiring backdrop with a touch of elegance.

Timeless Photographs

Garden weddings will surely give you great photos to cherish a lifetime. The natural light affords your photographer great shots while you savor every moment of your special day. You won’t run out of photo location options as nature serves various textures, lines and beautiful sceneries.

Wedding & Reception Is At The Same Venue

Another common issue couples always have in mind when planning a wedding is the commute from the wedding venue to the wedding reception for the guests. Having a garden wedding is such a smart solution since this type of setting can provide you one venue for both, providing you a seamless transition from the ceremony to the reception.

Ample Space

Garden weddings give more room and freedom for movement. It can provide better flexibility in your wedding and reception program since you have ample space to enjoy whether it be a photobooth or a huge dance floor for that matter. Depending on your guest list, you also have the freedom to set the space needed to ensure everyone is comfortably accommodated.  Guests with children will certainly appreciate this type of setting.

Your Own Personal Style

Couples planning a wedding definitely want to make their personality shine on their special day - it is, after all, all about them! Hinterland weddings make it convenient for couples to incorporate their personal style in creating the mood and choosing the theme of their event since there are fewer restrictions. Couples have the flexibility to choose a morning wedding to enjoy the sun and blue skies or an afternoon setting to watch the sunset to add to that whimsical and romantic vibe. 

All of these reasons to have a garden wedding are found at the Tamborine Gardens Wedding Resort. With its great location in the Gold Coast Hinterland and the awe-inspiring view of the greeneries in Witches Falls National Park, you’ll have the spellbinding garden wedding that you’ve always wanted. Tell us about your dream wedding and let us work together to make it happen.

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