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The Hottest Wedding Trends In 2020

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Tying the knot this year? Congratulations! The sooner you begin the wedding preparations, the better. If you’re wondering what the best weddings of this decade will look like, here are the trends that we see are going big. Better start taking notes!

Subtle and personal

A lot of couples are relieved that extravagant nuptials are a thing of the past. Not only are they expensive, but they can also be extra stressful to put together. Financial literacy has caught on and made many people realise that it’s not wise to blow all your savings on one day's celebrations.

In the last couple of years, more couples are putting emphasis on creating a wedding experience that they can truly enjoy as a couple. For some, this means a simpler wedding or fewer guests. Others ditch the traditional wedding buffets and design their own menu for the reception. Some brides create their own dresses or proudly wear something that someone in their family has worn before.

Bold and Pretty

If subtle isn’t your style, don’t worry. 2020 is also the year to go bold if that’s what you’re about. Dusty shades and muted tones feel safe but this is a wedding trend that has already aged. Warm palettes and loud colors are in. Don’t be surprised to see fuchsias, reds, and hot pinks in wedding decorations this 2020.

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Statement Decoration

Simple but elegant decorations are also trending this year when setting up wedding venues. You can achieve this by complementing your subtle table settings with an attention-grabbing centerpiece. Another good idea is to highlight the head table with a striking backdrop.  These statement decors will give your venue the stylishness it needs but still maintain the simplicity of the overall venue decorations.

wedding flowers and decorations

Authentic Florals

Flowers are always going to be a part of a wedding but this year, natural floral arrangements will dominate the styling and decorations. Pick flowers that are in season or are local to where your wedding is held for authenticity -- you’ll also save money this way compared to sourcing rare flowers that may or may not be in season. Whether you are doing your wedding and reception indoors or outdoors, flowers set against lush greenery gives a natural vibe that also feels romantic.

Shower of Balloons

Another timeless wedding theme that’ll continue to trend this 2020 is balloons. Many weddings incorporate balloons to the styling of the venues, including the décor for the archways, walls, and backdrops. But this time, a shower of balloons will be more ideal. Decorate the ceiling with arrangements of balloons and a burst of colours and brightness will beautify the whole venue.

shower of balloons

Magical Weddings

Do you dream of a magical, fairytale wedding? You’re not the only one. That’s why this 2020, it’ll be one of the trends you’ll see in many weddings around Australia. The venues will have decors and ambience that are very romantic. The fairy lights, the flowers, the chandeliers, candles, and flying lanterns; everything will give you the feeling of a “happily ever after” love story.

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Eco-friendly Wedding

Going green is another one of the hottest wedding trends in 2020. Nowadays, almost all industries are creating ways to have a positive impact on the environment and wedding venues are no exception. So, why not consider an eco-friendly wedding by picking a sustainable venue that supports people in helping mother nature.

A good venue uses solar panels as a source of energy. It should also utilise locally sourced produce including food and flowers. And when it comes to decorations, the ideal wedding venue must be using recyclable materials most of the time.

Once you’ve found the right place, you can do your share by sending an email or Facebook invites instead of physical ones. But if you want something tangible as memorabilia, make sure they’re recyclable. You are also encouraged to reuse all materials included in the wedding.

Gazebo wedding venue

Hinterland Wedding at Tamborine Gardens

Your special day will be more memorable with these hottest wedding trends in 2020. Whichever theme or style you choose, you should seriously consider having sustainable nuptials because it will help you leave less personal footprint on our environment. The best wedding venue to help do so is at the outdoors like a garden, hinterland or vineyard. View our wedding venues here.

These outdoor wedding venues will give you instant natural decors, which will not only save you money from crafting a lot of decorations but also result in less rubbish after the celebrations.

If you’re planning to have a Gold Coast or Hinterland wedding in 2020, the best venue you can find to hold your special occasion is Tamborine Gardens. The place is home to a gazebo garden, vineyard venue, waterfall grotto, and fountain atrium that are perfect for outdoor wedding ceremonies and reception.

Tamborine Gardens also offer a range of wedding packages that includes a professional wedding coordinator who will assist you with your planning.

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